"Great songs and heartfelt lyrics"

Ralph McLean. Ulster BBC

"Shimeon’s music is subtle mid-tempo country... It underpins his songs brilliantly and delivers a solid base from which to weave his spells.

it’s a measure of his talent that 'Masquerade' delivers solid songs, rather than weighty sermons."

Chris Long, BBC 

Shimeon (Simon Peter Sutherland) is a singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.

Born in  Manchester, his childhood reverberated with music and theatre. In the 1990's his band 22 Strings was part of the Manchester music scene.

In 1997 he made his first self released album 'Behind the Soomer Sun'. In 2008 his debut release Masquerade recieved critical acclaim and was re-released in 2010 as Dusty Old Soul. 

A revived version of Behind the Soomer Sun was released in 2010.

"There's no box where this music comfortably sits, the closest falls around Cash's last recordings.

And this is why, if there was any justice in the land, should land him a slot or two of National air play, cos yet again we have a young immensely taleneted, Brit singer/songwriter hammering down doors for recognition."

Album of the Month, Country Routes 

Shimeon is regarded by many as an immensely talented, Brit singer/songwriter. He is an honest craftsman, a poet and tunesmith and a lover of truth, justice, gospel, honesty and the dignity that lies beneath integrity. His compositions go beyond beautiful music, and cry out for the goodness of life, the desired honesty and plain truth so painfully to the point. Somewhere beneath the integrity of words and composition you know that every last syllable is steeped in sincerity.

Shimeon has performed at Parr Hall, Band on the Wall, the Lowry and has supported Joseph Arthur, Ezio, been a resident singer/songwriter host, appeared on radio and twice been uk spotlight artist of the week for UK Country Radio. Shimeon has also played a Johnny Cash Festival and headlined the uk's only Bob Dylan Festival.

Shimeon also makes documentaries and continues to compose and produce his music and looks forward to releasing new albums.