Songwriter & Singer

"Great songs and heartfelt lyrics"


Ralph McLean. Ulster BBC

"Shimeon’s music is subtle mid-tempo country... It underpins his songs brilliantly and delivers a solid base from which to weave his spells.


it’s a measure of his talent that 'Masquerade' delivers solid songs, rather than weighty sermons."


Chris Long, BBC


Simon Peter Sutherland (stage name Shimeon) is a Songwriter, musician, and multi-instrumentalist.


Born in Manchester, Shimeon's childhood reverberated with music ranging from soundtrack, country, pop, easy listening and classical. Music was a big part of his entire childhood and he taught himself how to play guitar when he was 11 years old and learned by listening to American music fom the likes of Johnny Cash, John Denver, Glen Campbell and later, Roy Orbison. His style grew stronger and he soon performed live, joining and working in bands. In 1997 he wrote and produced his first album, and has been a solo artist ever since.

In 2008 Shimeon released a solo album 'Masquerade'. This album would be re-released in 2010 with a new title 'Dusty Old Soul'. The same year Shimeon also released 'Behind the Soomer Sun 'Revived'. In 2010, Shimeon also produced the album Sean Martin "10 Songs".


Since 2012 Shimeon has been busy writing, filming and presenting Biblical and Historical documentaries. These documentaries have been filmed on locations in England, Cyprus, Rhodes and Kos and include the first documentary ever made on 16th century Protestant Martyr George Marsh.


Shimeon is presently completing a new studio album, (tba) and has also produced and recorded the debut album of Joyce Sutherland (tba) and producing more documentaries.


Shimeon is regarded by many as an immensely talented, Brit singer/songwriter. He is also a multi-instrumentalist, and an honest craftsman, a poet and tunesmith and a lover of truth, justice, gospel, honesty and the dignity that lies beneath integrity. His compositions go beyond beautiful music, and cry out for the goodness of life, the desired honesty and plain truth so painfully to the point. Somewhere beneath the integrity of words and composition you know that every last syllable is steeped in sincerity.

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